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Durable and verstaile Element IndustrialPRO 100-ft. 5/8-in. garden water hose
Element IndustrialPRO 100' 5/8" Water Hose
Our Price: $49.99

An excellent industrial water hose for larger tasks with a burst strength of 500 PSI from the IndustrialPRO series is proven to achieve maximum results.
Durable and kink-resistant Element IndustrialPRO 50-foot water hose for commercial applications
Element IndustrialPRO 50' 5/8" Water Hose
List Price: $34.99
Our Price: $29.99
Savings: $5.00

This incredibly durable industrial garden hose features the patented Hose Armour™ technology, which prevents kinking at the spigot and easily gripped, crush-proof XL couplings. No need for a wrench when connecting or disconnecting!
Extra-strong and kink resistant Element IndustrialPRO 75-foot water hose for commercial applications
Element IndustrialPRO 75' 5/8" Water Hose
Our Price: $39.99

An incredibly versatile 75-foot industrial garden water hose for small or large jobs. The patented Hose Armour™ allows for easier weaving or wrapping around obstacles and equipment.
25-foot 1/2-in. light-weight and compact garden water hose Miracle-Gro ULTRALite
Miracle-Gro ULTRALite 25' 1/2" Garden Hose
Our Price: $19.99

The MiracleGro ULTRALite 25' 1/2" Garden Hose is a lightweight, multi-purpose hose with high functionality and the reliability of industrial grade water hoses. It features crush-resistant aluminum couplings and boasts a burst strength of 400 PSI.
Compact and durable 50-foot 1/2-in. Miracle-Gro ULTRALite water hose for garden and lawn applications
Miracle-Gro ULTRALite 50' 1/2" Garden Hose
Our Price: $29.99

Featuring Lay-Flat Technology™, this lightweight hose easily unwinds and lays straight without curling when in use. An excellent garden hose for home or industrial applications.
100-ft. 5/8-in. kink resistant and flexible Scotts MaxFLEX garden hose featuring Snap Back Into Shape Technology
Scotts MaxFLEX 100' 5/8" Garden Hose
Our Price: $69.99

An extremely durable hose made with an exclusive co-polymer that makes this hose 30% lighter than similar hoses. Perfect for industrial applications, chores around the house or washing the car.
Durable light-weight and kink-resistant 5/8-inch 50-foot Scotts MaxFLEX garden hose with 500 PSI burst strength
Scotts MaxFLEX 50' 5/8" Garden Hose
List Price: $42.99
Our Price: $39.99
Savings: $3.00

This is a 50-foot garden hose that'll Snap Back Into Shape!™ thanks to Lay-Flat Technology™ which prevents kinking. Enjoy high performance with a high burst strength and durability that'll last year in and year out.

Industrial Garden Hoses

Our industrial garden hoses are specifically designed for applications with high exposure to wear and tear. Miracle-Gro ULTRALite premium heavy-duty hoses with 400 PSI burst strength are extremely lightweight and compact with additional reinforcement in the areas that experience high pressure. Another feature that makes these hoses very popular is that they are made of a proprietary compound that prevents kinks and also makes them easy to uncoil. Element IndustrialPRO and Scotts MaxFLEX industrial water hoses both have a 500 PSI burst resistance and are made to perform the toughest tasks. They are constructed of durable materials and reinforced against the risk of being damaged by garden equipment and exposure to potentially harmful conditions. The large grip-sized aluminum couplings not only make it easier to connect the hose to the source without tools, but are also designed to perform for a lifetime.