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Element CommercialGRADE Hose Element CommercialGRADE Hose

The Element CommercialGRADE® hose by Swan is manufactured for the most rigorous professional demands, providing the best performance over long periods of time for contractors, commercial applications and demanding DIY projects.

Our Price: $29.99
Element CoolTOUCH Hot Climate Hose Element CoolTOUCH Hot Climate Hose

Here at Swan, we know the sun’s UV rays can break down a garden hose’s exterior and lead to cracks. Further, water left inside the hose can heat up and cause the water hose to expand, weakening its interior. Our CoolTOUCH® hose solves both problems by maintaining its shape, strength and flexibility even at the hottest temperatures.

Our Price: $39.99
Element ThermaFLEX Cold Weather Hose Element ThermaFLEX Cold Weather Hose

Here at Swan, we know that a garden hose left outside in winter weather is susceptible to damage such as cracking. Further, water left inside the hose can freeze and cause the water hose to expand and burst. Our ThermaFLEX® hose solves both problems by maintaining its shape, strength and flexibility even at the coldest temperatures.

Our Price: $39.99
John Deere CoreFUSION Hose John Deere CoreFUSION Hose

CoreFUSION™ Technology uses Swan’s patent-pending co-extrusion process to add strong rods of a unique compound throughout the entire length of a garden hose’s interior wall to reinforce it. These proprietary rods then cause the garden hose to bend only so far in any direction, eliminating the kinks that cut off water flow.

Our Price: $39.99
John Deere Rubber Hose John Deere Rubber Hose

The John Deere Rubber Hose by Swan has a 500 PSI burst strength, powerful enough for commercial applications. It also features an exclusive rubber formula that makes it twice as strong and 40 percent lighter than standard rubber hoses. This makes is also suitable for the homeowner to handle, from washing the car to watering large outdoor areas.

Our Price: $39.99
Swan ContractorPLUS Hose Swan ContractorPLUS Hose

As a contractor, you have a demanding job. You’re responsible for providing the services and labor necessary to construct a project, as well as the material. You also need just the right equipment to get the job done correctly, including an outstanding water hose.

Our Price: $29.99
Swan PROScape Hose Swan PROScape Hose

Swan’s PROScape® garden hose is our first hose to feature CoreFUSION Technology, a major advancement in garden hose functionality that makes a garden hose kink-free.

Our Price: $34.99

Industrial/Commercial Water Hoses

Swan Hose is a proud manufacturer of some of the industry’s most durable and reliable commercial water hoses. Our commercial hoses, which include both commercial hot water hoses as well as commercial garden hoses, are made of high-quality material with a psi of 400 and up. Designed for the most rigorous and demanding of environments, our industrial hoses give you the satisfaction on the job that your equipment is performing at its maximum capacity.

Our cold water and hot water hoses are some of our most popular commercial hoses due to their versatility and reliability. The Element® CoolTOUCH® Hot Climate Hose uses our advanced, patented CoolTOUCH® technology that aids in maintaining shape, strength and flexibility at high temperatures, while the Element® ThermaFLEX® Cold Weather Hose achieves the same results, but in colder temperatures. Shop our selection of commercial and industrial hoses for equipment that you can rely on.