Swan Multi-Purpose Hose Swivel MAXLite™ 50' 5/8" Hot Water Rubber+™ Hose
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Swan Multi-Purpose Hose Swivel MAXLiteâ„¢ 50' 5/8" Hot Water Rubber+â„¢ Hose
The Swan Multi-Purpose Swivel is unique with its dual 180° and 360° rotation - allowing you to maneuver the hose around your yard without kinking at the spigot. The Swivel can also be attached to a spray nozzle. This accessory is a must have! The MAXLite™ 50' 5/8" Hot Water Rubber+™ Hose is great for hot water jobs both big and small. It’s designed with a special compound that makes it 40% lighter and 2X stronger than conventional rubber hoses. With a temperature range of -40° F up to 165° F, the MAXLite™ Hose is equipped to handle the most demanding of commercial jobs while remaining flexible and light in extreme weather conditions.
MAXLite™ 100' 5/8" Premium Black Rubber+™ Hose Element RV&Marine+ Multi-Purpose Hose
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MAXLiteâ„¢ 100' 5/8" Premium Black Rubber+â„¢ Hose RV & Marine 50' 1/2" Multi-Purpose Hose
The 100 ft MAXLite™ Premium Rubber+™ Hose boasts a temperature range of -40° F up to 165° F. With a burst strength of over 400 PSI, this hose is suitable for commercial applications and can be used under extreme weather conditions. Designed to last, this hose comes equipped with large crush proof aluminum couplings at both ends for years of reliable performance. If you own a boat or recreational vehicle, you know how important it is
to have a heavy-duty multipurpose hose on hand for a variety of tasks,
from rinsing off the deck to filling the drinking-water tank. Swan does
too, so we’ve created the RV&Marine+® water hose as part of our
Element brand.

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