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Element CoolTOUCH Hot Climate Hose Element CoolTOUCH Hot Climate Hose

Here at Swan, we know the sun’s UV rays can break down a garden hose’s exterior and lead to cracks. Further, water left inside the hose can heat up and cause the water hose to expand, weakening its interior. Our CoolTOUCH® hose solves both problems by maintaining its shape, strength and flexibility even at the hottest temperatures.

Our Price: $39.99
Element Universal+ Leader Hose Element Universal+ Leader Hose

With female couplings on both ends and a male adapter connected to one end, Swan’s Element-brand Universal+® hose provides every coupling combination for all of your garden hose needs.

Our Price: $13.99
Swan 1/2' x 50' Flex Hose Swan 1/2' x 50' Flex Hose

The FLEX® water hose is Swan’s version of the pocket hose, a hose that’s small enough to “fit in your pocket,” but then expands to a full-size garden hose once filled with water. Once the water is off, the FLEX® pocket hose goes flat and can be easily rolled up into a compact garden hose for hassle-free storage.

Our Price: $38.98

Heavy-Duty Garden Hoses

These versatile and flexible 5/8" water hoses boast improved durability and wear resistance. They are available in a variety of length options from 25 to 100 feet. They are the best fit for landscaping and gardening tasks that require an advanced level of flexibility from the hose. Hoses in this category have a 400+ PSI burst resistance and reinforced crush-proof couplings.

Swan FlexRITE PRO heavy-duty hoses have a scuff-resistant, reinforced jacket that makes them look sleek, protects their surface from signs of wear and makes it easier to wash the dirt off after use.

Swan Soft & Supple heavy-duty water hoses have a durable and flexible abrasion-resistant outer jacket that feels soft to the touch.

These hoses are protected with a limited lifetime warranty and will serve your needs for years, leaving you satisfied with your purchase!