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Element soaker hose T-connector with end plugs for Miracle-Gro and Element Soaker Systems
Element T Hose Connector with Plugs for 3/8 in soaker hose
Our Price: $2.99

Add a tree ring to your soaker system with this durable T connector replacement part, complete with plugs. more info
Element female soaker hose T-connector (feeder) for custom soaking system layouts
Element EZ-Connect Pieces for Soaker Hoses
Our Price: $2.99

Whether you’re starting a new soaker hose system layout or expanding an existing one, EZ-Connect® pieces from Swan’s Element brand gives you the ability to customize an irrigation system that’s just right for your watering needs.

These soaker hose connectors enable you to add additional soaker hoses as needed and are simple to use. Just push the soaker hose fittings into the ends of your soaker hoses, and they will fit perfectly using our unique Friction-Fit® technology.

Compatible with Swan’s Element-brand soaker hoses, these garden hose fittings easily replace parts, eliminating the need to buy a new soaker hose system.

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A pack of two male soaker hose push-on couplings for Miracle-Gro and Element soaker systems
Element Male Push-On Couplings for 3/8 in soaker hose- 2-Pack
Our Price: $2.99

These Element® Male Push-On Couplings can be used with any Miracle-Gro® Soaker System or Element® Soaker System as a replacement part or add-on. The tough high impact plastic on these hose connectors is strong enough to endure daily use, so you can maintain a lush lawn and garden with ease year after year. Part of the EZ-Connect System™. more info
50-ft. 5/8-in. Element SoakerPRO garden soaker hose for water-saving plant irrigation
Element SoakerPRO 50' 3/8" Soaker Hose
Our Price: $12.99

Get the right amount of water exactly where the plants need it most with this 50-foot soaker hose. This top-quality hose is constructed with a patented restrictor valve to minimize the amount of wasted water. It keeps gardens and landscaping healthier, too. more info
50-ft. 3/8-in. Element SoakerPRO garden soaker hose for gentle plant watering and water-conservation
Element SoakerPRO Soaker Hose
Our Price: $12.99

For an efficient, economical and eco-friendly way to water your plants,
look no further than the Element SoakerPRO® soaker hose by Swan.
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25-ft. 5/8-in. Element SoakerPRO garden soaker hose for gentle plant watering and water-conservation
Element Soaker System with EZ-Connect Pieces
Our Price: $12.99

If you have a small- to medium-sized flowerbed, garden or landscaped area, the Element Soaker System® offers you an efficient, economical, eco-friendly and fully customizable alternative to conventional watering systems. more info
Element Universal+ Leader Hose
Element Universal+ Leader Hose
Our Price: $13.99

With female couplings on both ends and a male adapter connected to one
end, Swan’s Element-brand Universal+® hose provides every coupling
combination for all of your garden hose needs.
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Light-weight 25-ft. 1/2-in. Element RV&Marine drinking water hose for yachts, boats and RVs
Element RV&Marine 25' 1/2" Water Hose
Our Price: $14.99

This 25' RV and marine water hose is a lightweight and compact option suitable for almost any application on your road or sea trip. The white polymer compound this marine hose is made with won't leave any tracks on the deck of your boat if you drag it and will always supply odorless and chemical-taste-free drinking water. more info
75-ft. 5/8-in. Element SoakerPRO garden soaker hose for gentle flower bed and plant irrigation
Element SoakerPRO 75' 3/8" Soaker Hose
Our Price: $17.99

Reach even farther with this 75-foot garden soaker hose from Element. With a patented flow restrictor, you control how much water your plants get. Water flower beds or vegetable patches without waste. It's great water conservation for homeowners who care about the environment. more info
Compact and durable 50-foot 1/2-in. Miracle-Gro ULTRALite water hose for garden and lawn applications
Element ULTRALite Hose - Blue
Our Price: $24.97

If you’re looking for an all-purpose garden hose that’s as strong as a
heavy-duty garden hose yet also incredibly lightweight, and also takes
up less space for storage, Swan’s ULTRALite® garden hose is your answer.
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