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250-foot bulk 3/8-in. soaker hose reel Element SoakerPRO for soaker system setup on a large gardening area Element SoakerPRO Bulk Reel 250' 3/8" Soaker Hose

Great for experienced landscapers, farmers and gardeners, this 250’ bulk soaker hose reel can be cut down to create the perfect watering layout for any yard or worksite.

Our Price: $72.99
Element SoakerPRO System Element SoakerPRO System

With an Element® SoakerPRO® 100-foot soaker hose and 20 EZ-Connect® System Connectors, you’ll be able to customize a soaker system just right for your watering needs

Our Price: $39.99
Element SoakerPRO Soaker Hose Element SoakerPRO Soaker Hose

For an efficient, economical and eco-friendly way to water your plants, look no further than the Element SoakerPRO® soaker hose by Swan.

Our Price: $22.49
Element Sprinkler+ - Sprinkler and Soaker Hose Combination Element Sprinkler+ - Sprinkler and Soaker Hose Combination

Need a sprinkler hose and a soaker hose for your watering needs? Leave it to the innovation experts at Swan to combine the two.

List Price: $21.99
Our Price: $21.99

Soaker Hoses for Foundations

Foundation watering can be of vital importance to the stability and longevity of your house. As soil dries up, it tends to shrink, which can cause your house and foundation to move. While sometimes this movement is not enough to cause damage, there are some cases where the change is large enough and frequent enough that you may need to implement a foundation watering system in order to mitigate any damage. Soaker hose foundation watering can be an excellent way to manage this. Using a soaker hose for foundation watering allows you to maintain a constant level of light moisture under your foundation, with little to no maintenance on your end. When watering foundations, keep in mind that you want to have a foundation watering system that is convenient and hands off so that you do not have to constantly manage it. Our soaker hose systems provide just that.