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AER123   Aeration
CELIH58050   Element CommercialGRADE Hose
CELCF58050   Element ContractorFARM Hose
CELCT58050   Element CoolTOUCH Hot Climate Hose
CELEZFE3801   Element EZ-Connect Pieces for Soaker Hoses
CELGG58050   Element Green&GROW Hose
CELMF58050   Element MaxFLEX Hose
CELSGHW58050   Element MAXLite Hot Water Rubber+ Hose
CELSGC58050   Element MAXLite Premium Rubber+ Hose
CELUL12010FM   Element Multi Use Water Hose
CELULR12050   Element Pink ULTRALite Garden Hose
CELMRV58050   Element RV&Marine Hose
CELULMRV12050   Element RV&Marine+ Multi-Purpose Hose
CELSPA38050   Element Soaker System with EZ-Connect Pieces
CELSP38250   Element SoakerPRO Bulk Reel 250' 3/8" Soaker Hose
CELSP38050   Element SoakerPRO Soaker Hose
CELSPAK38100CC   Element SoakerPRO System
CELTECV050   Element Sprinkler+ - Sprinkler and Soaker Hose Combination
CELTEC050TA   Element Sprinkler+ Hose
CELTF58050   Element ThermaFLEX Cold Weather Hose
CELULB12050   Element ULTRALite Hose - Blue
CELUL12050   Element ULTRALite Hose - Green
CELUN12010   Element Universal+ Leader Hose
CELVP58050   Element Viper Premium Rubber Hose
CGYSGY58050   Goodyear MAXLite High Visibility Rubber+ Hose
CGYSGC58050   Goodyear MAXLite Premium Rubber+ Hose
CJDF58050   John Deere CoreFUSION Hose
CJDVP58050   John Deere Rubber Hose
CACMH12100   Professional Series Metal Garden Hose 100'
CACMH12025   Professional Series Metal Garden Hose 25'
CACMH12050   Professional Series Metal Garden Hose 50'
CACMH12075   Professional Series Metal Garden Hose 75'
CWE900510   Swan 10-Pack Blue Washers
CSNTW1806   Swan 18" 9-Pattern Watering Wand
CSN5PW1806R   Swan 18" Watering Wand
CSNTW2806   Swan 28" 5-Pattern Watering Wand
CSN3PW2806R   Swan 28" Watering Wand
CSN4POF1004   Swan 4-Port On-Off
CSNHM583412   Swan 5/8" - 3/4" Hose Mender
CSNST10506   Swan 9-Pattern Spray Nozzle
CSNAN10006   Swan Adjustable Spray Nozzle
CSNAN10606   Swan AdjustablePRO Spray Nozzle
CSNCG58050   Swan ContractorPLUS Hose
CSN2004050   Swan Deck&PATIO Hose
CSNFA12050   Swan FairLAWN Hose
CSNFR58050   Swan Farm&RANCH Hose
CSNLHFF5806CC   Swan Female and Female Hose Reel Leader Hose
CSNLHFF5806TA   Swan Female and Female Hose Reel Leader Hose
CLOLH5806FM   Swan Female and Male Hose Reel Leader Hose
CWE9542C12   Swan Female Coupling w/Clamp
CSNFXP58050   Swan FlexritePRO Hose
CWMHD58100   Swan Heavy Duty Garden Hose
CWE9541C12   Swan Male Coupling w/Clamp
CSNMH12050   Swan Metal Garden Hose
CSNUSV100   Swan Multi-Purpose Hose Swivel
CSNUSV100R   Swan Multi-Purpose Hose Swivel
CSN7958050   Swan PressureMASTER Hose
CSNPSF58050   Swan PROScape Hose
CSNSF10206   Swan SoakerFAN Spray Nozzle
CSNSS58050   Swan Soft&SUPPLE Hose
CWMST58050   Swan SoftTOUCH Hose
CSN9PS100R   Swan Spray Nozzle
CSN58R015FM   Swan Utility Hose
CSNWF58050   Swan WeatherFLEX Hose
CSNHR58150   Swan WeatherFLEX Hose Reel Hose

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