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Blue silicone garden hose washers for leakage-free garden hose connection (10-pack)
Swan Blue Hose Washers - 10-Pack
Our Price: $0.99

Use these durable Swan 10 Pack Blue Hose Washers to help ensure a secure seal between your water hose and spigot or accessories like nozzles and sprinklers. With 10 hose washers per pack, you’ll always have plenty of extras on hand. The bright blue color makes them easy to find in any tool box or drawer. more info
3-piece easy-to-install plastic mender for quick and easy 3/4 to 5/8-inch-diameter hose repair
Swan 5/8" - 3/4" Hose Mender
Our Price: $2.97

An easy way to extend the life of your favorite garden hose, this hose mender repairs 3/4” and 5/8” hoses that have been cut or torn. more info
Durable aluminum adjustable garden hose spray nozzle for cleaning and watering tasks
Swan Adjustable Spray Nozzle
Our Price: $5.99

Perfect for watering lawns and gardens, this adjustable water nozzle switches easily from a powerful jet stream to a gentle shower. more info
Ball-type water shut-off valve with durable metal construction for use with garden water hose
Swan Water Shut Off Valve
Our Price: $5.99

Ideal for use with faucets and nozzles that lack an accessible on-off switch, this shut-off valve will help you save water as you move around the yard. The Swan Water Shut Off Valve is easy to install and boasts durable metal construction that will last for year after year. Add this shut off valve to any faucet or the end of your hose to easily control the water flow. more info
Adjustable garden hose spray nozzle for lawn, garden and flowerbed maintenance by Swan
Swan AdjustablePRO Spray Nozzle
Our Price: $7.99

With just a turn of the nozzle end and a swipe of your thumb, you can control both the water pressure and the amount of water released from Swan’s AdjustablePRO® Spray Nozzle, allowing you to seamlessly adjust from delicate spray to strong stream for a variety of watering tasks.

more info
Lightweight garden hose misting nozzle with a comfortable ergonomic grip and a wide spraying angle
Swan SoakerFAN Spray Nozzle
Our Price: $7.99

Swan’s SoakerFan® Spray Nozzle features a special trilobular-shaped
head, designed to deliver a gentle mist of water in a fan shape for
evenly dispersed watering over a larger area of your lawn or garden.
more info
Dial-style Swan adjustable sprayer head with 9 different watering patterns for everyday gardening applications
Swan 9-Pattern Spray Nozzle
Our Price: $14.99

For a dial hose sprayer that provides maximum versatility and superior
performance, look no further than the Swan 9-Pattern® Sprayer.
more info
Long watering wand with 18-inch arm and nine patterns for hard-to-reach areas and hanging flower baskets
Swan 18" 9-Pattern Watering Wand
Our Price: $14.99

Featuring an adjustable head that angles the water spray either downward or sideways, this water wand jet sprayer goes anywhere you need it to, from watering window boxes and planters, to cleaning dirt from less obvious places. It even makes a great watering wand for hanging basket. more info
Swan 4-port garden hose manifold with shut-off valve for multiple hoses use with one outdoor faucet
Swan 4-Port Water Shut Off Valve
Our Price: $16.99

Great for use with soaker hose layouts and sprinkler systems, this 4-port water shut off valve allows you to attach four hoses to a single faucet. more info
Swan 28-inch watering wand with 5-watering settings and ergonomic handle for hard-to-reach areas and hanging plants
Swan 28" 5-Pattern Watering Wand
Our Price: $19.99

Have watering tasks in the most remote places? Leave it to the innovation experts at Swan to create a 28-inch watering wand, designed to bring water to even the most hard-to-reach areas. more info